Chairman's Message

In school the teacher is a parent. At home the parent is a teacher. The child is the centre of our universe. Honing a child is perhaps the biggest responsibility for all of us. Now a days, an incessant deterioration of real education, teacher's dedication for the children and parent's commitment towards their children can be seen all around.

We, at St. Joseph Public School, have firmly and finally decided to prevent this deterioration. We encourage a close partnership between the trinity of the learning process-the child, the teacher and the parent. We offer our service to the great nation with utmost commitment & sacrifice.

The school is dedicated in preparing conscious, disciplined and responsible citizens with a sense of integrity and honesty. The school believes in the worth and uniqueness of the individual and aims at fostering each individuals potentialities and therefore provides varied opportunities for successful learning and growth. This journey begins in class rooms and goes much beyond its boundaries into the realworld

Parents are always most welcome to share their views, suggestions or complains with regards to their child's learning activities.

Teachers are constantly motivated to explore new methods and techniques in the class rooms and to make full use of resources and technology to reinforce the learning process.

The perfect synergy between the crucial stake holders of a child's destiny and our commitment to the society shall certainly help the young mind, body and spirit to metamorphose into human beings, repositories of knowledge and skids capable of holding their own in the world outside.